twin boys running down a sand dune holding hands


Books for Older Twins

Abby’s Book (The Baby-Sitters Club Portrait Collections)   By Ann M. Martin -- Four stories involving The Baby-Sitter's Club's Abby and her twin sister, Anna. For ages 9-12.

Abby’s Twin   By Ann M. Martin -- A young girl, Abby, has to deal with her problems when her twin sister Anna is diagnosed with scoliosis. For ages 9-12

All Rapped Up (Sister, Sister)  By Janet Quin-Harki -- Twin sisters Tia and Tamera dance with the same guy at the spring formal. Paperback. Recommended for ages 9-12.

Brother Brother, Sister Sister  By Helen Dunmore -- For ages 9-12. Tanya has to deal with her new enlarged family, as her parents give birth to quadruplets, two boys and two girls. One of the few children's books out there dealing with higher-order multiples from a sibling's perspective.

Double Act   By Jacqeline Wilson -- A novel about 10-year-old British twin sisters, Garnet and Ruby, who are complete opposites yet as close as twins can be. For ages 9-12.

I Miss You, I Miss You!   By Peter Pohl and Kinna Gieth -- Deals with a very difficult subject, the loss of a twin. Book (for ages 12 to 15) centers around twins Cilla and Tina, sisters who aren't close. After the tragic death of Cilla, Tina must come to grips with the loss of her twin while discovering her own individuality.

Jacob Have I Loved   By Katherine Paterson -- Twin sisters, Sara Louise and Caroline, battle for identity and recognition. For approximately ages 9-12.

Twin Clones From Outer Space (Two Heads Are Better Than One)   By H.B. Homzie  -- This first chapter in the series introduces the four main characters and centers around a key baseball game that Barton/Beta participate in. For children aged 7-12.

Twin Clones From Outer Space (Who Let the Dogs Out)   By H.B. Homzie -- Features brother and sister Barton and Nancy Jamison and their alien twin clones Beta and Gamma. In this book, Barton and Nancy leave Beta and Gamma in charge of the animals at Critter City. It's only for half an hour. What could go wrong? For children aged 7-12.