twin boys running down a sand dune holding hands


Books for Younger Twins

About Twins   By Shelley Rotner -- For ages 4-8. Designed to introduce your twins to the world of twindom.

Boss for a Day:  The Barkers   By Tomie De Paolo -- The Barkers return.  Morgan and Moffat switch roles and the usually bossy Moffat now has to let his brother Morgan be boss for a day!

Double Trouble - The Secret Playhouse   By Janet Allison Brown.

The Holy Twins   By Kathleen Norris -- For Children.  Tells the biographies of Sixth Century brother/sister twins, Benedict and Scholastica, who each became Saints. The text is woven with tales of spirituality and beautiful illustrations. For ages 4-8.

Meet the Barkers: Morgan & Moffat Go to School   By Tomie De Paolo -- Book about the Barkers, boy/girl twin dogs.  Moffat, was born ten minutes before her twin brother, Morgan. For ages 4-7.

My Twin, My Friend   By Lynne Crump -- A sweet poem about how twins can be each other's best friends.

One Was Not Enough   By Lori Menning -- About the author and her five-year-old boys, Zachary and Nicholas, and how the boys and their mother realize that twins are put in this world because sometimes one was not enough. For ages 2 to 5.

Phil and Lil Go to the Doctor   By Rebecca Gold and Robert Roper -- For baby-preschool levels. Show your twins what happens at the doctor's office with this picture book detailing Phil and Lil's doctor's visit.

T is for Twins?   By Mary Bond -- It goes through the alphabet with different types of  twins.

The Twins   By John Wallace -- Twin sisters Lil and Nelly are as different as night and day.  The two twins pool their talents for a school project.

Twin Stories:  Kaos … Bad Dog and Shhh…It’s Bertha    By Lisa Van Sickle -- For Ages 4-8.  Each features twins as the main characters. Discreetly teach about key "Lifeskills" such as problem solving and honesty.

Twinnies   By Eve Bunting -- Deals with the jealousy of an older sister who doesn't like all the attention her new twin baby sisters are receiving.  For ages 6-9.

Twin Talk: Phil and Lil’s Guide to Life   By David Lewman -- Rug Rats, Phil and Lil DeVille, twin cartoon babies.  Find out how to tell them apart, what their favorite grossest foods are, and more.

You Can’t Trick Me   By Yavonne Field-Bagwell -- Tells the story of identical twins Quinton and Zachary Bagwell, who like to play games on friends and family by pretending to be each other. Quinton is always in red and Zachary is in blue, and that's the only way that most people can tell them apart. So the boys switch outfits and see if they can trick people into thinking Quinton is Zachary and vice-versa.  For ages 2 to 5.